Dust and Mist Collections

Air Odour Solutions offers several different types and sizes of ambient air cleaners. We supply general air filtration systems that utilize electrostatic precipitator technology and multi-staged filters. All ambient air cleaners and dust collector systems are designed with the appropriate fan section assembly and filters to provide the optimum balance in high quality components, low initial purchase price and low operating costs to create the best value.

What is Ambient Air Cleaning?

Ambient or background air cleaning refers to applying air cleaners to generally clean the entire air volume of a room or workplace. Frequently utilized when it is not possible to link the filtration system to a specific location, examples include facilities such as large warehouses, hotels and commercial kitchens.

How do I select the appropriate sized ambient air cleaning system?

The most important factors when selecting the proper ambient air cleaner are the cost per CFM of delivered airflow and the square area of media. Proper sizing needs to take into account the ceiling height, dirt loading, layout of your facility and more. We recommend contacting us and talking directly to AOS representative to help you find the proper sizing and selection of your electrostatic air cleaner.