Coffee roasteries can be some of the biggest air pollutant culprits in the food industry, with high volumes of smoke, vapours and odours escaping into the local community. Even small hobby roasters with 10- 15kg or sample roasters should have in place an efficient air filtration system to capture and trap offending particles.

Electrostatic Air Cleaners are a vital step in eliminating smoke in a roasting environment. When paired with a UV Ozone Generator such as the newly updated RY5000B with UV Ozone, this air purification system can be up to 99.9% effective in breaking down particles to eliminate odours and smoke. Carbon filters can also be beneficial in reducing contaminated exhausted air.

A wide range of units are available from our warehouse and can be arranged in a modular fashion to suit your roastery’s specific needs. Whether you have extensive ventilation or a simple system, AOS can design a solution best suited to your business.