Case Study: Mesa Barrio

The challenge

A proposed tapas restaurant and bar was intended for Lawson which is located near the Blue Mountains district. This project required 2100 L/S of exhaust air to be discharged on street level to AS 1668.2.

Mechanical design

The mechanical design drawings implemented a double pass electrostatic air cleaning system with uv ozone. The double pass system allows the kitchen exhaust air to be charged twice in two collection sections eliminating incoming smoke, grease and oil mists during the cooking process. (Pic below) in red states double pass ESP system.

The outcome

The local council approved the mechanical design and a total of 2100 L/S of exhaust air is be discharged from white grill and has been certified  and complied to AS 1668.2 and BCA performance requirements. Clean and pure air is currently being exhausted on street level without any nuisance to people or neighbouring buildings.

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