Different components of the AOS Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

  • The pre-filter stops and collects larger particles enter the air filtration system on to the electrostatic filter.
  • The electrostatic cells some small as (0.01 micron) pass onto a strong electrical field (ionizing section) where the particulate receives a charge of 12KV.
  • Collection plates on the electrostatic cells are equally spaced with attract the charged particles slide down into the built-in oil tray at the bottom of the AOS ESP unit.
  • There are (2x) compression switches which is located on the electrostatic cells which receive a high voltage charge through the connected insulators which are located on the inside of the ESP door. AOS doesn’t use springs and during ESP service always fall off.
  • A built-up oil tray which is located at the bottom of the AOS ESP unit and oil can be drained from the bottom of the unit simply by removing the cap drain plugs. The two cap plugs are provided and must be inserted on top and bottom of the electrostatic unit before the commercial ventilation system installation begins.
  • The AOS ESP door is equipped with (2x) door knobs that open and close the unit which contains the 240 volts ( 1ph) power entry and BMS controls. Each AOS electrostatic precipitator models come with 1.5 meters 3 pin plug 240 volts (1ph) and also remote monitoring capabilities.