Operation of the AOS Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

When the AOS electrostatic precipitator is turned on, there maybe crackling sound or arcing sound, coming from the commercial kitchen exhaust this is normal as dust maybe sucked into the electrostatic cells which are electrostatic cells which are now energised @12 KV.

The indicator light which is located in front of the ESP unit will indicate the following below:

The green light is on: ESP unit is functionally normal.

The red light is on: ESP unit is flickering/arcing as some dust is being trapped. Flickering should stop after a while.

Both red and green lights are on: Electrostatic cells are dirty, please notify AOS representative and cleaning of the electrostatic cells are required.

Red lights on: Power packs automatically turned off due to prolonged usage without maintenance/ cleaning of the electrostatic cells.

Both red lights are off: AOS electrostatic precipitator is faulty

Blue lights are on: AOS UV Ozone system is in operation.

Blue light is off: AOS UV Ozone system is faulty please contact AOS representative.