How does the AOS Electrostatic Precipitator work?

  • The kitchen exhaust fan draws in the contaminated kitchen exhaust air through a washable mesh pre-filter which traps the larger in the cooking exhaust systems.
  • The remaining small particles some small as ( 0.01 micron) pass onto a strong electrical field ( ionizing section) which the particles receive an electrical charge of 12KV
  • The charged particles then pass onto the electrostatic air filter which is made up of equally spaced parallel plates which receive a charge of 6KV.
  • The remaining stage the containments drip into the built-in oil tray which is located at the bottom of the AOS ESP unit, in this case, to drain the oil the cap plug will have to be removed and the remaining containments which are on the electrostatic filter will only be removed at the next available service.