Key advantages of the AOS (B-Model) Electrostatic Precipitator

  • The air filtration system eliminates up to 95% single pass efficiency of grease and smoke particles and double pass configuration efficiency 99.9% in the cooking exhaust system
  • AOS ESP is modular in design and the units can be stacked top of each other to increase airflow requirements in the commercial kitchen exhaust.
  • Specifically designed for commercial kitchen application and suitably designed for the airflow of the commercial kitchen hood.
  • Greatly reduces grease and oil build up within the kitchen exhaust ductwork and reduces fire risk.
  • Filters fine particles down to sub-micron levels which is better for pollution control
  • Optional UV ozone available in all RY series ( B – Model).
  • Optional modular activated carbon v bank can be easily attached to electrostatic air cleaner which is specifically designed for odour control during the cooking process for the commercial kitchen exhaust and exhaust hood systems
  • Built – in oil tray available in all AOS electrostatic filtration units.

Installation of an electrostatic air cleaner and UV ozone injection. This project was at Salty Lip Cafe in Sydney and has been in operation for nine months. This an example of how the kitchen exhaust ductwork has been kept clean by the action of the UV ozone injection.