Maintenance procedures for the AOS RY series (B–Model) electrostatic precipitator with UV Ozone

NOTE: Exchange set of pre-filters and electrostatic cells is strongly recommended so the ESP unit remains in operation all the time when cooking occurs.

  1. Turn off power which is the black switch (ON/OFF) which is located at the front of the AOS ESP unit.
  2. Open the access door by unwinding the (x 2) door knobs located near the edge of the AOS ESP unit.
  3. Remove the pre-filters by sliding them out at the front of the AOS filtration system.
  4. Remove the electrostatic air filter by sliding them out and the handle should be used which is attached to the electrostatic cell.
  5. Wipe down the UV lights with a damp cloth which is located behind the electrostatic cells.
  6. Remove oil and grease from the base of the ESP unit by scooping in with rags and draining the oil by removing the cap plugs which are located at the bottom of the unit. When oil and grease and is finished draining make sure cap plugs are installed back into the unit.
  7. Soak pre-filters and electrostatic cells in detergent water, don’t use caustic chemicals it will damage the pre-filters and the electrostatic cells.
  8. Care should be taken not to cause damage to ionising tungsten wires.
  9. Wash pre-filters and electrostatic cells with a medium pressure water gun (below 90bar).
  10. Rinse pre-filters and electrostatic cells thoroughly and let them dry, inspect for bent or broken tungsten ionising wires.
  11. Check the pre-filters and electrostatic cells airflow direction.
  12. Slide in on the stainless steel rails the pre-filters and electrostatic cells ensuring that they are in the correction position.
  13. Close the access door but before closing it make sure the insulators are clean. You may need to wipe with a clean rag if they are not clean.
  14. Close the access door by winding the (2x) door knobs located near the edge of the AOS ESP unit.
  15. Turn on the unit which the black (ON/OFF) switch is located at the front of the AOS ESP unit.
  16. If arcing occurs when the AOS ESP unit is switched on turn off the unit and allow the cells to dry.

Note: To ensure optimum efficiency, the electrostatic cells must be cleaned periodically. Failure to do so may cause damage to the pre-filters and electrostatic cells as well as make them a fire hazard. The Frequency of cleaning is dependent on the level of usage as well as the type of containments collected. Periodically inspection of the electrostatic unit is recommended.