Maintenance Program

Air Odour Solutions (AOS) has a maintenance division to perform routine or callout services such as routine maintenance programs, cleaning of cells and filters, inspections and regular assessments of the electrostatic air filter performance. Maintenance contracts will ensure the operation of the electrostatic air cleaners will operate at a premium level.

Improved performance

Our maintenance programs can significantly improve the performance of the electrostatic air cleaner including reducing smoke emissions and extending the life of the electrostatic air cleaner.

Remotely monitored

AOS provides maintenance programs for restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and hotels. Every AOS service can be monitored and maintained ensuring a healthy working environment.

Safety and compliance

RydAir electrostatic air cleaners not only keep your business in compliance (local government laws, building codes of Australia, Australian & New Zealand standards, OHS and EPA requirements) and meet air quality needs but also improve fire safety and comply with insurance compliance’s. A clean and safe kitchen extends beyond the preparation of food in cooking areas.

AOS Electrostatic Air Cleaner maintenance program is a safe measure to reduce fire risk in the kitchen exhaust system, eliminates any concerns about smoke and odour control issues free of any complaints.

Electrostatic air cleaners are a potential fire hazard if not maintained properly and is an important risk management issue for any business.

Advantages of the maintenance programs

Keeps ductwork clean from grease/oil and less chance of fire occurring in the commercial kitchen

Extends the life of the electrostatic air cleaner

Meets council regulations, EPA, and OHS laws

Saves the cost and inconvenience of preventable breakdowns

Performed by a qualified maintenance servicemen

Increases reliability and dependability of the electrostatic air cleaner

Prevention is cheaper than the cure

Fast response servicing times of urgent equipment failure

24/7 after hours standby service is available