AOS Electrostatic Air Cleaner


Single phase (IPH, 240 volts) cable connection.

Drain plug located at the top and bottom of the unit. This is used to drain oil from the unit.

Electrostatic cells comprising of 61 individual collection plates for higher efficiency.

About our units

AOS’s RydAir Electrostatic Air Cleaners perform a range of duties that support Australian businesses. By eliminating pollutants created in the workplace, the business’s employees and customers have an improved and healthier environment, as well as ensuring the surrounding neighbours are not disrupted by the local air quality. The clean environment provided by the air cleaners will comply with local council regulations as well as contribute to Australia’s greener future.

The AOS electrostatic air cleaners independently tested and certified to AS 1668.2 2012 and international standards, Building Code of Australia (BCA), Independently Air quality assessed, independently tested and certified to ASHRAE standards.

How our Electrostatic Air Cleaners work

Contaminated air is drawn by the fan through a washable metal mesh pre-filter which traps large dust particles. The remaining particles, some as small as 0.01 microns, pass into a strong electrical field (ionising section) where the particles receives an electrical charge. The charged particles then pass into a collector plate section made up of a series of equally spaced parallel plates. Each alternative plate is charged with the same polarity as the particles, which repel, while the interleaving plates are grounded, which attract and collect the contaminants. The contaminants are held in these plates until they are washed away. RydAir electrostatic air cleaners are able to trap both wet and dry particles.

range of commercial kitchen pollutants

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Electrostatic Air Cleaner Benefits

Heavy duty collection cells, durable and long lasting

Cell weight of only 15kg makes for easier handling

RY-Series has a built in oil tray

No knob or buttons are exposed on the outside of the machine

Superior door seal for no leaking of oil through the door

State of art power supply has option for BMS feature in monitoring unit’s performance

High efficiency, low maintenance and replacement cost

RY-Series series units are modular by design and can be stacked for added capacity (L/S)

UV Ozone optional in all RY Series electrostatic air cleaner

Stainless steel filter runners for better contacting

R-Series can be installed for cleaning and re-circulating indoor air

1.2mm galvanised steel powder coated

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