Odour Control System

AOS Control System

The AOS Australia odour control systems have found to be very effective replacing and reducing and eliminating odourous gases in applications ranging from domestic, commercial, clinical and industrial purposes.

The AOS Australia odour control systems have been used for the treatment of odour pollution in a kitchen exhaust systems. The A.O.S Australia odour control system is not a masking agent or reodorisation agent, which attempts to replace one odour with another but rather, it is a true odour inhibitor, which acts to counteract and modify the odour thereby reducing it’s intensity or eliminating its odorous effects.

AOS Australia manufactures the most updated odour control equipment using the latest technology to create systems that provide the most efficient methods of distribution and dispersion of odour inhibiting products. The systems and products have been successfully used in kitchen exhaust systems where the odourous air have been drawn into the odour control unit and treated. A.O.S Australia odour control systems have been able to achieve foremost efficient and effective air and odour solutions for businesses around Australia and New Zealand.

If you require simple odour solutions to add on to your existing systems, A.O.S Australia provides a variety of products that will suit your business’s needs.

Odour Eliminating Gels

Odour gels do not mask but change the chemical composition of contaminants in the air on contact. They render offending smells into an odourless, non-harmful composition.

Our odour eliminating gels are made of natural ingredients and leave a refreshing scent. The gels are formulated to be highly dispersible and extremely effective for odour elimination. The benefits of the odour eliminating gel are that it gives an easy placement into existing ventilation systems and that it is self-maintenance with no additional servicing. The odour eliminating gel can be used in air conditioning systems, light commercial areas, garbage rooms and smoking rooms.

Portable Odour Elimination Units

The portable odour eliminations units with UVC germicidal irradiation A.O.S Australia provides are portable air odour, allergens and pathogen control units which are available via enquiry. The portable odour elimination machine units are suitable for hotel rooms, hospital rooms and aeration of suspected rooms with airborne pathogens.

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