AOS RY2500B Electrostatic Air Cleaner


Single phase (IPH, 240 volts) cable connection.

Drain plug located at the top and bottom of the unit. This is used to drain oil from the unit.

Electrostatic cells comprising of 61 individual collection plates for higher efficiency.

Product Information

For collection of dry and wet particulates like dust, oil, mist, grease and cooking fumes. Best suited for commercial kitchen systems, the electrostatic air cleaner collects particles as small as 0.01 microns and traps them within its collection plates until later cleaned, with the UV ozone working to further sanitise and destroy odours.

The dual cells are each comprised of 9 ionizing wires and 29 collection plates. Two high output ozone lamps are fitted in the unit, after the Electrostatic Cells. This can be easily removed for maintenance or lamp replacement.

Single pass electrostatic efficiency
Double pass electrostatic efficiency
61 collection plates per electrostatic cell for higher efficiency

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Technical Specs

Technical Data and Specifications for AOS RY-2500B



H : 540mm, W : 694mm, L : 620mm


1.4mm/16 Gauge Galvanized Steel


Powder Coated, Dark Blue


55 Kg

Air Volume:

700-970 L/s

Air Flow:

Left to Right, Right to Left

Static Pressure Required:

50 Pascal

Operating Voltage:

220 Vac+/-10%, 50 Hz (Single phase)


Short circuit, arc protection and auto power restore for Power Pack

Power consumption:

115 Watts Max

Features & Benefits

Control panel recessed into the unit

Built in oil collection tray

Advanced gasket door system which stops air and grease leaks

Stainless steel rails for easy cell and pre filter maintenance

Compression contact switch on cells for failsafe contact. No springs to lose

Heavy duty collection cells which are durable and long-lasting

Powder coated finished and built from 1.4mm galvanised electro steel

High efficiency with low maintenance costs

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