AOS Wet Scrubber

Product Information

The AOS wet scrubber has been designed to extinguish soot, sparks and grease thereby preventing fires from starting in the kitchen exhaust duct.

The wet scrubber has been used for woodfire ovens and charcoal grills because they reduce the temperature of the exhaust and soot particles disposing of them in the drainage system.

The wet scrubber produces a water spray and mist in the ducting which will ensure that sparks or live embers do not progress along the duct as they will be extinguished before they can present the risk of igniting a fire. The wet scrubber can be considered for an alternative solution to the AS 1668 and BCA performance solution.

Product advantages

The wet scrubber removes up to 95% of soot and particles, derives from the combustion of solid fuels such as coal or wood.

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