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Smoke Free

AOS electrostatic air cleaners effectively capture and trap smoke, grease and dirty particles through ventilation systems to provide a clean air work environment.

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Odour Control

UV Ozone breaks down grease and oxidises particles thus eliminating odours that normally flow out the kitchen exhaust system into surrounding buildings.

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Cost Benefit

By reducing commercial kitchen duct cleaning and maintenance needs of high-use duct systems, customers can save up to 3/4 of their related ongoing costs.

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Air & Odour Solutions Australia provide products and solutions that are certified to ASHRAE, AS1668, BCA and are Australian and New Zealand Electrical Tested.

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Benefits of our flagship 2 in 1 UV Electrostatics


Single phase (IPH, 240 volts) cable connection.

Drain plug located at the top and bottom of the unit. This is used to drain oil from the unit.

Electrostatic cells comprising of 61 individual collection plates for higher efficiency.

UV ozone injection to remove and oxidise cooking odours efficiently.

Smoke & Odour Removal

Electrostatic precipitators use high voltage electricity to remove smoke and during the final stage, it treats the smoke with UV ozone to remove odour.

UV Ozone

UV Ozone works by oxidating odours and grease and finally turning grease compounds into fine particles.

Clean air discharge

The utilisation of electrostatic and UV ozone filtration in our commercial electrostatic air cleaners allows for smoke and odour free exhaust discharge.

Oil & grease build up

The electrostatic with UV ozone reduces the oil and grease build up in the kitchen exhaust duct work thus eliminates fire risk.

Featured Projects:

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  • Street Level Discharge
  • Low Level Discharge
  • Solid Fuel Kitchen Exhaust
  • Individual Tenancy Filtration System
  • Retrofit Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System
  • Recycled Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System
  • Low Velocity High Efficiency Filtration System
  • Alternative Solution Filtration System
  • Plant Room Filtration System

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Case Studies

Why our customers choose to work with us.

Electrical certified

The only electrostatic precipitator to have Australian and New Zealand electrical certification.

Tested to ASHRAE 52.2-2012

All Electrostatic precipitator are tested to the latest ASHRAE 52.12 (method of testing air cleaning devices for the removal efficiency by particle size).

Best seller

The best seller the 2 in 1 electrostatic air cleaner with UV ozone removes both smoke and odour from the kitchen exhaust system.

Products distributed world wide

Rydair air filtration products are distributed to 30 countries world wide. AOS has 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry.

Allows for street level discharge

AOS filtration products allows for horizontal street level discharge resulting in a clean air discharge certified to AS1668 & BCA performance requirements.

Research & Development

Continuous research and development results in a refinement in our design to suit a changing environment. All changes are field tested for suitability before the models are launched in the market.

Independent Odour Assessed

AOS electrostatic precipitators have been independently tested by environmental consultants. The air quality assessment being conducted includes air sampling and modelling.

Product Certified Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Envirohood type 7 priority kitchen exhaust hoods have been independently product certified by Global-Mark.

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