Envirohood Island are suspended from the overhead fixtures with all four sides exposed in the middle of the commercial kitchen.


Certified Type 7 Envirohood engineered hood is designed to capture smoke plume and fumes generated during the cooking process.


Envirohood uses 30 – 40% less airflow than Australian standard hoods due to larger overhang over the cooking equipment and incorporated jet fan to help with capture and containment efficiency of the hood.



Stainless steel kitchen filters allow for oil to drain off quickly and they resist flame penetration to stop fire occurring inside the kitchen exhaust hood and ductwork.


Filtration is achieved through either CSIRO certified 1530.1 stainless steel honeycomb or UL approved stainless steel baffle filter.


Flush mounted die cast stainless steel frame with brushed finish.

Fully polycarbonate lens fully sealed.

IP44 rated LED lights are interchangeable from cool white, warm white and daylight according to clients preference.


Air curtain technology integrates an centrifugal jet fan with 1 – 10 speed control.

Independently pressurised to deliver air to small holes located on the inside perimeter of the hood.


The benefits is to have no exhaust spillage exiting the hood this built in air curtain will ensure capture and containments are met.


Removable drainage plugs located on the gutters of the hood which can be unscrewed for oil and grease to be expelled out from the hood.


Located on the front face of the Envirohood is the perforated make up air panel.

Which allows for more comfort in the kitchen also minimises energy use and thermal heat from the kitchen cooking equipment.


All Envirohood models are independently certified by Global Mark Pty Ltd


All Envirohood models are available with UV Lamps which are integrated within the hood better known as UV Hood.

When UV lamps produce ozone grease and oil undergoes a chemical reaction known as photolysis and ozonolysis the breaks grease and odour compounds.

Resulting in cleaner ductwork and odour free discharge and resulting in reduce fire risk.


Exhaust airflow can be balanced by double skin sliding dampers.

Which are located behind the kitchen filters which can be easily removed.

Make up spigots can be balanced by Volume control damper.

AOS is proudly a 100% Australian owned company, designing and manufacturing Envirohoods for Australia and the world.

Envirohood and Research and development is part of the AOS Culture


Hood gutters are located around the inside perimeter of the hood 70 mm wide & 25 mm high for oil and grease collection and proper hygiene in the commercial kitchen.


Ansul fire suppression system can be easily fitted to the Envirohood.

Pre – engineered fire suppression system are intended to protect areas around the exhaust hoods, duct plenums and kitchen filters as well as safeguarding kitchen appliances.


Due to decreased airflows of the engineered Envirohood it uses less energy than traditional Australian standard hoods.

There will be less capacity in the exhaust and make up air fans and smaller ductwork.

VDI Standard 2052

Envirohood implements the VDI standard 2052 calculates sensible and thermal loads from cooking appliances under the kitchen exhaust hood.


The Certified, Proprietary, Type 7 Envirohood will be as follows:

The hood will be fully constructed from 1.2mm 304 Grade Stainless Steel and polished to a No 4 finish. Non exposed interior sections (including roof) of the Envirohood shall also be manufactured from Stainless Steel (no Galvanised Steel allowed).

For longer continuous length hoods, the Envirohood shall be be manufactured in sections.

The Envirohood shall have Brushed Stainless Steel,IP44 rated, Flush Mounted LED Lights capable of being   interchangeable from Cool White, Warm White or Daylight.

Exhaust air spigots and Make Up air spigots are to be located on the top of the hood.

Make Up air spigots are to be 250 mm diameter and connected via flexible ducts to supply a minimum of 80% of the exhausted air (as Make Up air) to the conditioned space as per the requirements of AS 1668.2

The Stainless Steel perforated front face Make Up air panel shall be removable without the need of tools (no screws).

Air Balancing will be achieved by built-in double skin slide dampers, accessible from within the hood, for the Exhaust air and pivot volume control dampers in the spigots for the Supply air.

There will be a gutter of a minimum size of 70mm wide by 25mm high on all four sides of the hood for oil and grease collection. These shall be fitted with removable 40 diameter drain plugs, welded and polished, on the rear gutter for oil collection.

The built in Air Curtain is to be independently pressurised with an integral, 10 speed, centrifugal jet fan/s (factory set). The Air Curtain delivers the air via small, engineered orifices around the inside perimeter of the hood to ensure the capture and containment efficiencies are met.

Filtration is achieved through either Certified CSIRO 1530.1 Stainless Steel Honeycomb Filters or UL Approved Stainless Steel baffle filters.

All Envirohood models available with integrated UV technology to remove grease and odours in the kitchen exhaust system.

The ansul fire suppression system can be integrated in all Envirohood models for fire protection.

All Engineering and Compliance Certification is to be independently certified by Global Mark Pty Ltd.