UVC Ozone Lamps

Product Information

UVC Ozone Lamps are designed for easy mounting to existing and new exhaust ducts.

UVC Ozone Lamps operate at 187 nanometers without the titanium dioxide coating produces ozone. The intense ozone produced by the ozone lamps will oxidise cooking odours and fine oil mist resulting in keeping the kitchen exhaust ductwork clean.

Ozone is a very powerful oxidant and extremely effective germicide agent which destroys organic molecules in the exhaust air. Ozone has a very short lifespan of 20-30 minutes before it returns to normal oxygen 02.system. The ozone generator is integrated into a kitchen duct for air purification. The ozone generator can reduce grease and cooking odours keeping the ductwork clean and discharge free from cooking odours. The removal of grease in a kitchen exhaust system will reduce duct cleaning and reduce the chance of a fire occurring in a kitchen’s ductwork.

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