Our Story

Air Odour Solution (AOS) was established in 2011 with the focus of bringing a wide range of quality air cleaning products and services to Australia & NZ. Since then we have successfully identified, designed, developed and supported solutions that minimise pollutants and help control air and odour problems.

AOS can partner with ventilation and mechanical contractors, mechanical consultants and local councils to develop odour and smoke control solutions for projects of any size, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Our mission, our vision, our values.

Our mission is to work closely with the industry and bring innovative products and services that control air and odour problems.

By combining the latest technologies, industry experience and bundled with old fashioned service, we believe we can provide you with best of breed products.

Why work with us?

Customers can save up to three quarters of their related ongoing costs for commercial kitchen duct cleaning and maintenance needs by working with Air & Odour Solutions Australia/NZ to purify the air leaving their building’s exhaust.

AOS is the distributer of RydAiR electrostatic air cleaners in Austrlaia. RydAiR is the leading manufacturer of air cleaners and ozone generators worldwide, with many of the best hotels and restaurants across the globe using RydAiR products installed in their exhaust systems.

Our most widely spoken about product can reduce grease, smoke and odours from commercial kitchen ventilation with up to 99.9% efficiency. We believe in a long-term strategy to maintain clean air and environmental sustainability for years to come.

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