AOS Envirohood

The AOS Envirohood are manufactured in accordance and compliance with AS1668-2-2012 classified under Type 7 proprietary exhaust hood. They have been independently certified by Global-Mark Pty Ltd.

The Envirohood are fully engineered to maximise effectiveness while minimising energy usage. The Envirohood ensures maximum capture of the exhaust air and efficiency for the cooking process ensuring no spillage of kitchen exhaust air. The Envirohood incorporates stainless steel honeycomb filters that are certified to AS1530.1.

The methods used for certification include fire test on building material components and structures as well as combustibility test for materials.

The advantages of the Envirohood is that it utilises less exhaust air which contributes towards less energy running cost. The Envirohood provides for a longer cooking line while simultaneously lowering the airflow in comparison to current standard kitchen exhaust hoods.

Installation of Type 7 proprietary Envirohoods in a commercial kitchen will lower the installation cost. Due to the design of the Envirohood, it allows for less upfront cost because it incorporates smaller kitchen exhaust duct and a smaller kitchen exhaust fan. The Envirohood is designed to have a larger overhang over the cooking equipment to capture the smoke, fumes and heat.

Envirohood technology can the commercial kitchen energy bill for new or existing restaurants. The initial investment and subsequent operating cost are critical factors in determining the viability of improving the total efficiency of the ventilation system.

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