Solid Fuel Kitchen Exhaust System

This filtration system technique can remove particles through a cooling effect. They are specifically designed for solid fuel applications including wood fire ovens and charcoal applications which utilise solid fuel such as hot coals and woods for cooking.

Configuration options:

  • Smoke & Odour Control
  • _____________

  • Electrostatic Air Cleaner with UV

    Combines electrostatic air cleaning with UV ozone to remove smoke and odours from the kitchen exhaust system.

  • Smoke Control
  • _____________

  • Electrostatic Air Cleaner
    AOS Wet Scrubber

    Electrostatic filtration will remove smoke from the kitchen ventilation system.

  • Odour Control
  • _____________

  • Activated Carbon Filtration - Ozone Generator - Odour Control Systems

    Incorporating ozone generators, carbon filtration into the kitchen exhaust to remove odour and smell from the ventilation system.
  • Removes smoke and odour

    To achieve a street level discharge, the kitchen exhaust air can be treated by an AOS electrostatic air cleaner with UV Ozone. This filtration unit has the ability to remove smoke and odours at sub micron levels.

  • Double pass efficiency 99.9%

    When outputting kitchen exhaust air through street level, double pass efficiency will be required at 99.9% due to close proximity to windows, neighbouring buildings and members of the public. The AOS kitchen exhaust filtration system allows for clean and pure air discharge.

  • Tested and Certified

    The AOS electrostatic precipitator have been independently tested and certified to the new ASHRAE 52.2 2012 test procedures for electrostatic filtration systems, AS 1668, BCA and independently air quality assessed.

  • Modular Design

    The AOS electrostatic air cleaner features a modular design. The electrostatic precipitator can be stacked on top of each other to increase the required airflow. The electrostatic filtration units are easily bolted together.

  • Removes fine smoke particulates

    The AOS electrostatic precipitator removes the finest grease and oil particles from the kitchen exhaust systems that are exhausting into the atmosphere. The AOS electrostatic precipitator removes sub micron and airborne particulates with high efficiency and low expenditure energy.

  • Removal of live sparks and embers

    The wet scrubber uses water spray and mist in the kitchen exhaust ductwork to ensure that live embers do not enter the ducting. The embers are extinguished by the water spray and mist in the wet scrubber preventing the risk of starting a fire.

  • Eliminates cooking odours and residue ozone

    In commercial kitchen ventilation systems, AOS Carbon Filtration systems can be installed at the final stage of the kitchen exhaust system discharge  to remove cooking odours and residue ozone.

  • Neutralises cooking odours

    The AOS odour control system neutralises cooking odours and smells that are emitted by commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Once the kitchen exhaust air is removed, the AOS electrostatic precipitator and the AOS odour control system can be incorporated into the ventilation system to remove the remaining odours.

  • Reduces grease and oil build up and remove odours

    The AOS ozone generator greatly reduces oil and grease build up inside the kitchen exhaust ductwork. Due to significantly loss build up of grease and oil build up, it eliminates any fire occurring in the ducting. When the cooking odours enter the ventilation system from the cooking process and with the injection of ozone into the kitchen exhaust system. When ozone makes contact with the cooking odours, their chemical structure is changed to less odourous  compounds because ozone attacks the remaining compounds and eventually the odour is destroyed. This process is called oxidation…

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