Mist Tec unit is manufactured from 1.2 mm stainless steel 304 grade and engineered to extinguish live spark and embers during solid fuel and charcoal cooking applications and reduces fire risk in commercial kitchen exhaust system. Mist Tec units have been installed in other applications which include coffee roaster ventilation, fire testing labs, plasma cutting factories.


Mist Tec models include 2500, 3000, 4000 standard airflow from 300 L/s – 1500 L/s custom design models are available.


Spray nozzles are located inside the unit produces constant water spray and mist to extinguish live sparks and embers don’t progress along the ductwork and there is also reduction in ductwork temperature as constant water spray is cooling down the ductwork and also there is a stainless baffle filter to resist flame penetration and acts as a spark arrestor. Mist tec unit when operating woodfired pizza oven burning timber was approximately 400 degrees Celsius once filtered by mist and water and enter through stainless steel baffle and exiting the mister at 35 degrees Celsius.


The Mist Tec unit is considered as an engineered solution as per AS 1668 which allows the cooking process to be exhausted back into the common ductwork.


Transition connections designed with a slop for water residue which are located on the inlet and outlet can either be square or round to suit a when making connections there should be slight fall of 3 -5 degrees to allow the residue droplets to stay in duct and no straight ducts should be installed. Also supplied is a stainless overflow safety trays for any leaks or condensation or pump failure water is captured and drained.


Instead of relying on mains water pressure located on the bottom base of the Mist Tec incorporates a Grundfos water pump 1 – 10 Bar pressure pump with variable water pressure control with Bluetooth or infrared which allows for real time data on control pump settings via the Grundfos Go app and remote monitor wall panel can be installed to indicated the status of the Mist Tec unit also located on the water inlet side is an open and close solenoid valve designed for water costs and savings.


Built in overflow outlet located above the drainage outlet for any overflow of water is drained back into waste.