AOS ESP Configurations

AOS RY series (B – Model) electrostatic precipitator can be installed in various ways. The AOS ESP ensures that there is adequate clearance for access panels and that the doors of the electrostatic filtration unit can be opened and closed easily for maintenance and servicing purposes. This is especially important in tight areas or when the ESP unit is installed above and inside and outside tenancies.




Single – pass filtration – collects up to 95% efficiency.




Double pass filtration – collects up to 99.9% efficiency.




Modular pass filtration – AOS ESP units can be stacked on top of each and bolted together to increase kitchen exhaust airflow (L/s) requirements.

RY Series (B–Model) Identifier

RY – Prefix standard model of Ryd Air electrostatic filters.

2500B, 2500B–V, 5000B, 7500B, 10000B – AOS Electrostatic precipitators models

2,3,4,5 – Modular configuration

DP – Double pass option (99.9% efficiency)

W – Wide configuration


Odour control options:

UV – UV Ozone Injection

CB – Carbon Filtration Unit

OG – Ozone Generator

OCU – Odour Control Unit