Installation Guidelines

  • The AOS electrostatic filtration unit should be installed as close as possible to the commercial kitchen canopy this positioning reduces the amount of grease and oil which can accumulate in the kitchen exhaust system ductwork.
  • The AOS ESP should be installed in a position with easy access for cleaning purposes and should provide easy access for servicing and maintenance on the commercial kitchen ventilation system.
  • When ordering the AOS ESP unit, it can be setup for airflow (Right to Left) or (Left to Right). Please specify when ordering the AOS ESP unit.
  • The kitchen exhaust airflow velocity should not be higher than 3m/s through the AOS ESP unit. It is higher recommended a face velocity between 2 – 3 m/s works best for the electrostatic precipitator.
  • The AOS ESP should be interlocked with the exhaust fan. For example, when the AOS ESP unit is ON so is the exhaust fan
  • Double pass configuration is highly recommended for heavier cooking applications in the commercial kitchen exhaust.