Introduction to AOS ESP

The RY series (B-Model) electrostatic precipitators (ESP) are distributed to 30 countries worldwide and AOS kitchen exhaust filtration systems have been successfully installed throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The AOS (B – Model) electrostatic precipitators (ESP) are designed to handle rigorous, often continuous smoke and particle removal. The AOS (B – Model) (ESP) has been tested to ASHRAE 52.2 2012 – Extracts can be reproduced for reference and testing of the electrostatic filtration units have been independently tested in a US-based laboratory.

The AOS air filtration system removes submicron, airborne particulate with high efficiency and low expenditure energy with proper handling and installation. The AOS filtration system becomes a powerful tool in controlling objectionable emissions in a wide range of processes. Since the AOS ESP becomes an integral part of the kitchen exhaust system installation and maintenance should be planned carefully.