AS 1668 Solutions


Street Level Discharge

A street level discharge is required where there is no means of ventilation through a mechanical riser and the only way to discharge the kitchen exhaust air is horizontally on street level, better known as a street level discharge.


Low Level Discharge

When discharge smoke, grease, odours at a low level, a combination of kitchen exhaust treatment technologies is often employed to achieve the most cost effective outcome. The factors that must be considered include having to be close to the boundaries, windows and air intakes or natural ventilation devices.


Solid Fuel Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

This filtration system technique can remove particles through a cooling effect. They are specifically designed for solid fuel applications including wood fire ovens and charcoal applications which utilise solid fuel such as hot coals and woods for cooking.


Individual Tenancy Filtration System

A tenancy lease agreement would indicate kitchen exhaust filtration system to be installed in the premises as a condition of the lease. Usually duct connection is installed in the tenancy and the owner must maintain and have full responsibility of the kitchen exhaust filtration system.

An individual tenancy filtration system maybe installed because issues may arise with residential tenancies which live above the retail precinct. The local the council who protect the local residence are becoming less tolerant of offensive smoke and odour from ventilation systems.


Retrofit Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

AOS kitchen exhaust filtration system can be retrofitted on site into any existing kitchen exhaust applications. If a restaurant owner has any issues that may arise due to smoke, grease and odours associated during the cooking process.


Recycled Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

The AOS Kitchen Exhaust Filtration can utilise a recycled kitchen exhaust system in combination with electrostatic air cleaners, odour control system and carbon filtration.


Low Velocity High Efficiency Filtration System

AOS low-velocity high-efficiency filtration system allows to utilise the Envirohood and combining electrostatic filtration to achieve clean air discharge.


Alternative Solution Filtration System

AOS Alternative Solution Filtration System will allow for a performance-based solution to satisfy requirements of AS1668 parts 1 & 2 and BCA performance requirements.


Plant Room Filtration System

Plant rooms have a large amount of exhaust distributed through the building. The AOS electrostatic and carbon filtration system can be installed in the plant room to remove smoke and odours from the cooking process.

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